Studio Iascone

Ethical responsibility linked to a reliable creativity

Considering that the space we live in affects people's lives, we recognize the responsibility of our role as designers.

Free from self-referential schemes, our philosophy is based on a reliable approach, where creativity and inspiration take place next to the client's needs and the coherence of the process, in order to improve not only the quality of space where we act, but also the environment itself. 


Projects are generated through a dialogue

 A good project is always the result of a continuous dialogue between clients, architects, consultants and contractors, focused on identifying clients' needs and expectations and transforming them into reality through an intense exchange of information, experience and priorities at every step of the process until completion.

The project as a unique, well-crafted product

Every project represents to us a unique design opportunity and tailored craft process. Every idea is the result of a mixture of factors, which include the clients' needs and requests, the historical background, the current economical and cultural conditions; the peculiarity of every project and environment we deal with, bring us always to non-standardized solutions.


A mature and curious attitude towards technology

The office research is primarily interested in studying the evolving relationship between old and new technologies, materials and crafts, in particular exploring with curiosity the overlap of local construction traditions and integrated advanced technological systems. 

The concept of overall costs of a given project

Nowadays buildings need to be part of a sustainable process, this is why we need to consider all the costs and impacts linked to its whole life cycle. During the evaluation phase we always need to consider not only planning and construction costs but also maintenances costs, which will define an accurate perspective on a project sustainability and viability.

Climatic factors as a creative opportunity

As in every field of nowadays economy and culture, we face the issue of energy efficiency as an exciting and always new challenge, which represents to us a intriguing opportunity to develop and discover technical solutions, which could be able to turn the actual role of the buildings into a more active one in terms of ‘producing energy' rather than just "consuming".