Ex Polveriera Residences

Bologna, Italy

1500 sqm

Residential complex

under construction


This intervention aims to revitalize a site of artistic and historical interest known as Ex Polveriera Val d'Aposa, a former army barracks immersed in the rolling foothills just south of Bologna. In an area rich in natural beauty, a group of three buildings, still utilized by the military until as late as the Second World War, is slated for requalification.

The main building of the complex is characterized by a remarkable brick-faced wall running all around its perimeter. The restoration plan will insert panels of perforated corten steel into it, providing views of the countryside from the newly converted apartments. 

Originally a storeroom, the design of the second building also represents a dialogue between pre-existing elements and contemporary materials. Corten steel inserts distinguish the façade of this building, comprised of two independent, residential units, with two above-ground stories plus a finished basement.

The third building, a former barracks, since demolished, will be rebuilt to house a two-storey residence.