Effer Headquarter

Minerbio (BO), Italy

2.900 sqm

Office Building

2008 - 2010


There are two main objectives to this project: to design spaces in tune with the various, often contrasting needs of the people who work there, and to create a structure that in some way reflects the company's product, the crane. It might seem strange, but one of the contributing factors to reaching the first of these goals was the provided by building codes: in order the satisfy the legal requirement regarding distance from the road, the fourth floor of the building was off-centered by five meters from its north-south axis, and three meters off the east-west. This asymmetry calls to mind the instability of dangling objects. An idea of movement is also conjured by the system of remote-controlled sun shades, altering the external aspect of the building according to the time of day and season.