Private House Villa Pantogia

Costa Smeralda, Italy

Private residence

1.500 sqm

work in progress


This project will see the construction of a private home on a hilltop characterized by spurs of granite outcroppings and lush vegetation interspersed with open clearings granting panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the sea in the distance.

The functional plan, villa plus guest house, will extend over the property to integrate the structures into the rocky, uneven landscape, reducing its environmental impact.

The villa will be divided into four separate wings, laid out like splayed fingers to favour views of the sea and provide the living areas with natural protection from the prevailing north-eastern winds. Each of these completely glass-fronted sections of the house sits on a wooden platform overlooking the pool and artificial lakes. They are joined by a single, overhanging rooftop terrace for sunbathing and enjoying the scenery.

The guest house, set downhill from the main quarters, is covered with hanging gardens extending and highlighting the gardens of the villa. The guesthouse bedrooms are directly facing a salt-water swimming pool.