Vivolo Headquarter

San Lazzaro di Savena (BO), Italy

2.000 sqm

Offices and Factory

under construction



This intervention calls for the restructuring and reorganization of the interior and exterior spaces of a pre-existing warehouse to create a totally new environment to house the activities of the company Vivolo S.r.l. One of the main considerations for the project regarded the quality of the work spaces in order to guarantee maximum comfort and well-being. With this in mind, three, glassed-in lightwells have been designed to capture natural light and direct it to illuminate the whole building. Trees and bushes will be planted inside these lightwells to provide a visual screen separating the various work sectors and to filter out the sunlight in the summer months. To give the building a smooth, linear look, the plan is to cover it with a synthetic, perforated fabric stretched on a frame attached to the existing pre-fabricated external walls. During the day, the building will appear as a single block, topped by an overhanging roof. By night, the interior illumination and together with the lighting positioned under the overhang will transform the building into a kind of lantern.