Golf Resort

Castenaso (BO), Italy

3.000 sqm

Recreation complex



The project consists of completion of the territory of Casalunga golf resort in Castenaso with the realitation of a complex comprising 40 rooms, six of which are suites created within independent units, an auditorium, and a wellness centre. The project was developed using as a starting point the orograpy of the land which presented a significant drop in level between the farmland and the lake. This allowed us to lessen the impact of the construction in a landscape which is aesthetically pleasing. The project will extend down to the level of the lake, covering an area which will include the auditorium, the 34 rooms and the wellness centre, this construction will be invisible from the golf course. Four walkways at right angles to the main building enhance the planimetric image of the complex and connect the part facing the lake with the golf course. The large windows in the foyer of the auditorium and the wellness centre, as well as the single room, look directly onto the new green area and the lake. The six suites are situated above this construction at the same level as the golf course. Their shape and external skin consist of double glass floats with dried straw inside. This reminds us of hay bales, and a farmland landscape.